General Electrical Systems

We are Provided Trunkey Solution for Electrical Systems as per Standard Practice for Designing, Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of HT & LT Breakers Panels, Metering Cubical, HT / LT Cable Lying Applications, Various Types Tray, Diesel Generator (DG Set), AMF Panel, Automatic Change Over Panel (ATS), Lighting Bus Trucking, Power Bus Trucking, Emergency Power Sources System (UPS & Inverter ), APFC Panel, Synchronous Panel, Equipment Testing Panel, Lighting Control Panel, Motor Control Panel, Soft Starters, Veritable Frequency Drive Control Panel (VFD Panel), Automation of Fire Panel (Sprinkler & Hydrant), Industrial Wiring, Commercial Wiring, Residential Wiring, Indoor / Outdoor Lighting, Flame Proof / Gas Proof Lighting .