Mechanical Turnkey Projects

In the realm of mechanical trades, where the heart of a project beats, we stand tall. Pranav Sales & Projects (I) (Pvt.) Limited brings a wealth of expertise in executing full turnkey projects, specializing in mechanical retrofit upgrades and new installations.

Our team comprises skilled trade employees proficient in pumping, DG sets, and high-power Gensets, ensuring seamless integration and performance. But our prowess extends beyond the mechanical realm. Equipped with exceptional project management skills, we orchestrate every aspect of these projects, collaborating seamlessly with architects, engineers, electricians, structural experts, and specialty disciplines.

Experience the seamless simplicity of your mechanical upgrade project as we redefine excellence, ensuring that your needs are met with unparalleled precision.

Moreover, we have established strong partnerships and teaming arrangements with companies in various disciplines, including architecture, engineering, electrical, structural, and specialty trades. This collaborative approach allows us to provide comprehensive turnkey solutions for our clients, streamlining the project and eliminating the need for them to coordinate multiple contractors.

If you’re seeking to simplify your mechanical upgrade project, our company is well-equipped to meet your needs. With our diverse team and extensive experience in managing similar projects, we can offer a seamless and efficient solution for your mechanical retrofit or new installation requirements.

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